The Phone Zone Challenge

30-Days to Turn 
from Distraction 
Toward the Life You Want

by Jennie Ketcham Crooks, LICSW

Photo by: Jon Tyson


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What is The Phone Zone Challenge? It's a 30 day guided program that helps participants practice intentional periods of phone use (e.g. No Phone Zones and Phone Zones), meditations, and creates more opportunities for both personal and interpersonal values-driven experiences. Each day has a behavior plan regarding phone use, a change activity, and morning and evening reflections.  It concludes with a review of the challenge, lessons learned, and how you might continue to implement the lessons learned in your life beyond the challenge. 

This study is now OPEN.

Study Details:

We are currently seeking adults, 18-65, to participate in a 30-day challenge. Participants are asked to complete a written curriculum. Curriculum content is distributed either via USPS or Google Docs, and Participants are asked to either return their curriculum via USPS (stamped envelope included in the original document) or via Google Docs at the close of their 30-Day challenge. Partially completed curriculums are accepted (in other words, you don't have to do this perfectly). Participants are asked to complete a pre-, mid-, and post-assessment that each take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete.


Study participants are paid $2.00 for each day of written participation (<$60.00). Written participation means that participants are paid $2.00 for each day that they complete the writing assignment in the study's curriculum. If only 50% of the day's writing content is completed, participants will be paid $1.00/day. Participants will be paid a final lump sum upon completion of their 30-day challenge, via an Amazon Gift card, after their curriculum content has been received and tallied.

For more information about the current study, please contact Lead Investigator, Jennie Ketcham Crooks at